Hand Operated Overhead Travelling installation services In India

HOT (Hand Operated Overhead Travelling) crane installation services involve the setup of cranes that are manually operated and used for lifting and moving heavy loads within industrial and commercial settings. These cranes are typically mounted on elevated tracks, allowing them to traverse the length of a facility and provide efficient material handling solutions.The price range of Crane starts from Rs. ₹ 9,000 and it goes up to Rs. ₹ 2.39 Crore. You can choose any product from the Crane according to your needs and business requirements.

Conventional AC operated electric overhead travelling (EOT) cranes uses slip ring induction motors whose rotor windings are connected to a power resistance. Speed control is performed by changing the rotor resistance in 3 to 4 steps by power contactors.HOT crane installation can vary depending on the manufacturer, site conditions, and local regulations. Hiring a reputable and experienced crane installation service provider is crucial to ensure a safe and efficient installation process.

Hydraulic Crane Rental Service

Advantages of HOT Crane Installation Service

  • Site Assessment:support the weight and movement of the crane.
  • Design and Engineering: Based on the site assessment,includes specifications for the crane, the track system, support structures, and any modifications required for the building.
  • Fabrication: The components of the HOT crane, such as the bridge, trolley, hoist, tracks, and supporting structures, are fabricated according to the design specifications. Quality control checks are carried out to ensure that the components meet the required standards.
  • Foundation Preparation: If the existing floor is not suitable to support the crane's loads, foundation work might be necessary
  • Installation: The installation process includes assembling and mounting the crane's components.

Electric Overhead Travelling installation services In India

Hydraulic Crane Rental Service

EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) crane installation services involve the setup of cranes that are powered by electricity and are used for lifting and moving heavy loads within industrial and commercial environments. These cranes are equipped with electric motors for operation and can be controlled remotely, offering enhanced efficiency and precision in material handling.EOT crane is extensively used in the Railway workshops, Manufacturing units, warehouses, unloading or relocating heavy load. Generally speaking, the EOT crane is equipped with the mechanical means to travel in both directions and can also raise or lower the heavy load easily.

Single & Double roller / self aligned type bearings are used for wheels. Thrust bearings are used for Hook Swiveling. Shrouded type bus bar system with spring loaded current collectors are used for uninterrupted power supply.

Advantages of EOT Crane Installation Service

  • Site Assessment:Assess the structural integrity of the building to ensure it can support the crane's weight and movements.
  • Design and Engineering:Create a detailed design plan that outlines the specifications for the crane, including load capacity, span, lift height, and any specialized features.
  • Safety Measures: Implement safety features such as emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and warning signals to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Ensure that the installation complies with local and national regulations, safety standards, and industry guidelines.
  • Training: Provide training to the operators and maintenance personnel on how to operate the crane safely and effectively.

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